Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tag I'm it!

Okay here it goes. Guess I've been tagged but you all already know most of this stuff.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago...
1. Still a newlywed
2. Pregnant with Emma
3. Raising a four year old
4. New in the church
5. Starting to sing around town

5 things on my to-do list...
1. Spend time with my family
2. Get estimates for windows we are replacing
3. Go to the movies and eat popcorn
4. Work in the front yard
5. Make Apple Crisp YUM!

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. Cheezits
2. Chips and dip
3. Veggies and fruit
4. Ice cream
5. Twix

5 things I'd do if I were a millionare...
1. Pay off our home
2. Put lots away in savings
3. Travel to Europe finally!
4. Help fund local charity for children
5. Get some new clothes

5 Places I've lived
1. My parents home
2. Spokane
3. Olympia
4. Apartments
5. 3 houses since been married

5 jobs I've had...
1. Baskin Robbins YUM!
2. Dental Assistant INTERESTING!
3. Oral Surgery Assistant GROSS!
4. Dance Instructor FUN!
5. Mom BEST!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Path

Last Sunday, we decided to go for a drive as a family. We stopped at a nature trail called Painted Rock. It runs along the Little Spokane River. It was a beautiful, crisp, fall afternoon. We read the information regarding the trail. One of the warnings read; Stay on the path. We began our stroll. Well, after walking not 50 feet, Tanner, feeling antsy, wanted to venture off the path. We asked him to stay with us. Up he goes and yelled, "I'll meet you on the other side!" Okay fine, I thought. He then went up further along the cliffs. I must admit, Paul was more concerned than I. Just as I glanced toward the cliff, Tanner lost his footing and started to tumble down the rocky hill. He did a barrel role or two and landed on his behind. I felt an immediate reassurance that he was alright. Paul ran up the hill to help. He said, "This is why we asked you to stay on the path." Tanner apologized. I hugged him and told him I was glad he was alright but remained quiet after that. Sometimes saying nothing is saying everything. He knew falling was the consequence for venturing off the path. Of course the metaphor came as we were walking back in silence, such is the path of life. We warn our children that if they wander off the straight and narrow path, there will be consequences. I feel at times our words are not enough. They desire to find out for themselves, testing the waters, feeling they are somehow solid on shaky ground .... then comes the fall... literally. Sometimes, it's like watching them fall slowly, without being able to catch them. We knew life would be full of choices, trials, disappointments and sorrow before we came to this earth. BUT... we also knew of the beauty, love and lessons we would experience. Oh yeah, and this little thing called agency. We chose to come here anyway. Even though being a parent can be scary, it is mostly joyful. Nothing can compare. Paul and I have shared with the kids that we make mistakes too. We asked Tanner, "Next time mom and dad say, stay on the path, what will you do?" He replied, "Stay on the path." We pray for that daily.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mickey Mouse for President!

Okay, so why not vote Mickey Mouse president? He seems very qualified. He has lost his gig on the Disney Channel. It's all teeny bopper stuff now. He is a hard worker, very charismatic, loves his peeps, knows about foreign affairs (what with Tokyo Disney and Disney Euro) and Goofy could be his vice president. C'mon, wouldn't it be great if our country was run more like Disneyland? Oh, of course Minnie would be the perfect First Lady. She has hosted some of the biggest parties, loves children and has her own clothing line. They could put a few rides out on the front lawn and charge for charity. I think it's a brilliant idea! What are your thoughts? What cartoon character do you think would be best as president?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Fur Balls

This post is nothing much. I thought I would be remiss if I did not mention our two cats, Ollie and her son Shadow. We got, or I should say, I got Ollie during the summer olympics of 2000. The last thing Paul said to me before going to the pet store was, "Don't come home with a kitty." Oops, my bad. Then, she has her first litter and we couldn't resist little fluff ball Shadow. I don't think he has stopped growing. He weighs close to 20 lbs. and is always stretched out on his back. They bring much joy to our family as do all animals. It's hard to imagine them not being here. I read Cari's post about having to say goodbye to Kiera. It made me think of our sweeties. Animals do have a special place in our homes and hearts.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday Night Crash!

We had a high speed police chase end right in front of our house. Crazy! Paul went out to the garage to help Emma get something and there was a low flying helicopter with a search light shining in our neighborhood. We yelled, "Get inside!" They were obviously looking for someone. We heard a crash, then saw two guys running. They ended up finding one of them. The chase went on for over an hour. They were hitting cars and going up to 120 mph. I am so thankful that our children were not out in the street at that moment. The Lord watches over us, especially our little ones.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Favorite Time of Year

Yes, fall is my favorite season. It is still warm out, yet you can feel a slight chill in the air. Our home is filled with discussions about the new school year. If you look close enough you can follow the grass tracks from Tanner's cleats from the door, down the stairs into his room. Instead of flip flops in the basket it is Emma's ballet shoes. We begin homework, which right now is a joy,(don't know how long that will last). Football games start tomorrow. We are going up to Green bluff in a few weeks to pick apples and go through the corn maze. For some, saying goodbye to summer is a sad thing. For us in the Grover household, it is exciting!!! Fall also means, homemade soup and bread and wrapping up in a blanket, drinking hot cocoa while watching a favorite movie. Things are busy again and the schedule has begun but that is when we are at our best. I crave my husband and kids. I love to watch them grow in their endeavors. Life here has all the seasons, which I am thankful for.

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